Research and Development

In the last few years we have managed to keep up with the world’s recognised printer manufactures. We have been constantly extending our services and products by more than 50 new types of alternative printer cartridges per year, used in various printers and we feel confident that this trend will continue.

Výzkum a vývoj

To make sure that so many new products will not disturb the current production process, the development and research activities must be well-balanced with the production process itself. This is achieved by following strict rules and procedures that are periodically inspected, results are analysed and recorded in our information system.

Since 2001, all processes at the ABEL company have been governed by the strict regulations of the quality management system that is certified and in compliance with international standards CSS EN ISO 9001: 2009. Since the system was applied and utilised, we have successfully managed to undergo other certifications and re-certification audits.

Our line of business is very much dependent on innovation and research, as are all information technology oriented businesses. Since our company’s esta­blishment we have never regretted investing in the development and research departments. Our development department employs many experienced technicians who provide us with their skills and inventions and thanks to them you are, for example, able to print at home or in the office photographs in a professional quality using alternative ABEL cartridges printing them on Michelangelo photo paper, which is also supplied by ABEL.

Colour management system

New trends in printing technologies

As far as the office printing is concerned, we see rapid and dynamic development. New technologies are more and more advanced, offering still better printing quality. That is maybe why we see a quick development of colour printing technologies. Prices of colour printers have been going down constantly and printing is becoming available to more and more people.

Nevertheless, colour printing technologies are much more complicated than monochromatic printing. Still, that is why higher requirements are placed on our development and research. On the development and research field, we are cooperating with the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of printing components around the world, as they also understand that the manufacture and renovation of cartridges has became a totally new sophisticated and scientific field.

We strive to be as thorough and detailed as possible. That is why we invest large funds in the continuous expansion and improvement of our manufacturing technologies. The development and research department follows every small detail or improvement, which may add to the final satisfaction of the end customer. We also test the quality of components and procedures used by us.

Information materials

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