Cartridge buyout

All empty cartridges signify some harm for environment and is needy to secure its processing with prescribed regulations.

Výkup kazet

In case of empty original cartridges we are ready to buyout some chosen types from you for further processing. We purchase only original undemaged cartridges which are listed. Remain types of cartridges or damaged cartridges we´ll not buy from you.

The buyout process is done in accordance with a valid pricelist, where all types of cartridges, that we are interested in are listed, together with other applicable conditions. Cartridges will be picked up during regular visits by our technician or salesman, or you may send them via regular mail. After an inspection to verify the usability of the cartridge, we will buy the cartridge and inform you about it in writing. We´ll send you the money on your mentioned account via bank transfer usualy in 14 days after our receiving of cartridges.

Please, do not forget to look at our buyout pricelist.

Information materials

Katalog ke stažení Based on your request we will send you free complete materials of ABEL company including price lists, detailed information about the company and contract for work.

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