We measure what others only guess

„We have a technological lead, because we know printing better than the others …“

Yield, color diff erence, fading resistance …

We have invested signifi cant resources into measuring of what the eye is not able to discern. Small diff erence of a single color, invisible to the naked eye, will cause much more visible diff erence when combined with other color. The problem is that a printer with four color toners can reproduce thousands of color combinations. It is simply impossible to assess which combination of colors will cause a deviation by eye only.

We trust only what we measure

We are continually investing in our research and development department. Thanks to this fact, we have the equipment comparable to the best labs today. The measurement of colour diff erence is performed by the X-Rite and BYK-Gardner spectrophotometers. Resistance to fading is evaluated by the special Q-Sun device, which allows us to simulate several years of exposure of the printing to sunlight within a few days. We examine the print quality using Zeiss and Olympus microscopes enabling us to make pictures of what we can see in the microscope. Pictures taken this way are then used for ongoing training of our staff . We do not rely on subjective feelings where we can measure. Thanks to it we have better knowledge of printing than the others.

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